November 6, 2011
ADAMA Premieres on PBS World on November 6th

HUGO PEREZ writes: "I am proud to have Executive Produced the new documentary ADAMA for David Felix Sutcliffe and Su Kim. It premieres on PBS World today, November 6th. You can read the synopsis below. Check your local cable listings to see what channel you can find PBS World on." More Information available at:

SYNOPSIS: On March 24th, 2005, Adama Bah, a 16-year-old Muslim girl, awoke at dawn to discover nearly a dozen armed government agents inside her family’s apartment in East Harlem. She was arrested and taken to a maximum-security juvenile detention center in Pennsylvania. An FBI document leaked to the press mysteriously identified Adama as a “potential” suicide bomber and an “imminent threat to the security of the United States.” After six weeks of public protest and media scrutiny, Adama was released with an ankle bracelet and a deportation order, but no terrorist charges. Still traumatized by the experience of her detention, Adama must drop out of high school and support her four younger siblings when her father is deported to Guinea, Africa. Using intimate verité footage, Adama captures the extreme pressures bearing down on this young Muslim girl and her desperate efforts to keep her family from unraveling.

"In addition to Executive Producing the film, I also edited THE NEW NORMAL, a short online companion piece shot by David Felix Sutcliffe that examines the impact the war on terror has had on civil liberties in the U.S. which you can watch via the embed below."

November 2, 2011
THE THORIUM DREAM to Premiere on Motherboard.TV
On November 9th

HUGO PEREZ writes: "I am very pleased to have indulged my enthusiasm for science and the hope that it embodies by co-producing THE THORIUM DREAM with Alex Pasternack for Motherboard.TV and It is a short documentary that profiles some of the leaders of the growing Thorium nuclear energy movement, and examines how the world got stuck with "problematic" nuclear technology and why we haven't been able to change it for forty years. The full documentary goes up on Wednesday, November 2nd but the trailer is up now."

November 1, 2011
National Endowment for the Humanities Invites
Hugo Perez to be Guest Speaker at
National Council on the Humanities Meeting
HUGO PEREZ writes: "The National Endowment for the Humanities has asked me to be the guest speaker at the next meeting of the National Council on the Humanities to give a presentation on my documentary NEITHER MEMORY NOR MAGIC which received an NEH Chairman's Grant in 2010. The Council meets three times a year to review NEH grant applications, and invites a guest speaker to present on a project the NEH has previously supported. I am honored to follow in the footsteps of previous guest speakers Henry Louis Gates Jr, filmmaker David Grubin, and Stephen Ennis, Chief Librarian of the Folger Shakespeare Library.

The public meeting at which I will present will take place on November 18th at 9am at the NEH offices in Washington, DC: 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue in Room 09. If you are in DC, please come join me."

October 20th, 2011
Neither Memory Nor Magic Screens at
National Historic Preservation Trust
Annual Conference in Buffalo
HUGO PEREZ writes: "The NY Council for the Humanities and the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Museum are hosting a screening of NEITHER MEMORY NOR MAGIC as part of the National Historic Preservation Trust annual conference being held in Buffalo this year. The film will screen at 8pm on October 20th at the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Museum and is free and open to the public.

September 24th, 2011
Hugo Perez serves on 2011 Woodstock Film Festival
Documentary Shorts Jury
HUGO PEREZ writes: "I served on the documentary shorts jury this year with Lisa Gossels and Todd Wider, and can now publicly announce that we selected Katja Essen's Poetry of Resilience as this year's recipient of the Documentary Short Award."

July 26th, 2011
Hugo Perez Guest-Hosts Stranger Than Fiction
Summer Season films at IFC Center
HUGO PEREZ writes: "I am excited to sub for Thom Powers to guest-host the last three films of Stranger Than Fictions 2011 Summer Season at the IFC Center in NYC: Katie Galloway and Kelly Duane de la Vega's BETTER THIS WORLD (July 26th) , Jeffrey Kusama-Hinte's SOUL POWER (August 2nd) , and Barbara Kopple's SHUT UP AND SING (August 9th)"

July 25th, 2011
Motherboard Meets Errol Morris
HUGO PEREZ writes: "I shot an interview with Errol Morris along with Alex Pasternack of Motherboard.TV which made use of the revolutionary interro-hat. The resulting interview speaks for itself."

July 15th, 2011
"There Are Things I Want You To Know" About Stieg Larsson and Me
HUGO PEREZ writes: "I had a great time producing, shooting, and editing a profile vignette of Eva Gabrielsson whose memoir about her life with Stieg Larsson was just released by Seven Stories Press. All fans of The Millenium Trilogy and Lisbeth Salander will want to watch this."

April 12th, 2011
Neither Memory Nor Magic
Screens at Sage College in Albany
The Center for Documentary Studies and Opalka gallery at Sage College in Albany, NY will host a screening if NEITHER MEMORY NOR MAGIC on April 12th. Tim Cahill discusses the film and interviews Director Hugo Perez at his blog:

February 24th and 25th, 2011
St. Lawrence University Hosts
Guest Artist Hugo Perez
HUGO PEREZ writes: "I am pleased to have been invited by St. Lawrence University to visit as Guest Artist and screen a number of my films over the course of a few days on campus. If you happen to be in Canton, NY come say hello."

February 11, 2011
HUGO PEREZ writes: "It was a lot of fun to Produce, Direct, and Edit ZOMBIE AUTOPSIES 101 - a video vignette companion piece to Steve Schlozman's new book The Zombie Autopsies. If you are interested in the CSI of zombie brains, you have to watch this."

October 20th, 2010
Neither Memory Nor Magic Receives
NEH Chairman's Grant
M30A Films is pleased to announce that Neither Memory Nor Magic, directed by Hugo Perez, is the recipient of a Chairman's Grant given by the Chairman of the NEH to help with the final completion of the film. We are fundraising to secure the remaining funds necessary, and hope to be able to announce an official release date shortly.

NYC denizens should mark down November 14th on their calendars when Neither Memory Nor Magic screens at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Manhattan. RADNOTI'S POETRY WILL BE READ BY SPECIAL GUESTS AS PART OF THE EVENT. Full program details HERE

October 18th, 2010
Futbolín: Foosball in Madrid goes Live at VBS

Hugo recently traveled to Madrid to hang out with the top guns of Spanish foosball at the local bars where they train for international competitions. The segment he produced for VBS/ Electronic Arts "We are 11" series on soccer culture just went live HERE or click on the embed above.

October 15
Hugo Perez Interview @ Motherboard.TV
Motherboard Editor In Chief Alex Paternack talks with Hugo about the making of his film SEED, science fiction, andwhat the future might hold for humanity. Read the full interview HERE

October 7
Hugo Perez Profile in Albany Times Union
Hugo returns to Albany on Friday, Octobr 8th to present his program "Portrait of the Cuban American Artist as a Young New York Filmmaker." The Albany Times Union writes about Hugo's career as a filmmaker, and his collaboration with the New York State Writers Institute. Read the article HERE

September 23
The Fascination of Old Denim
Hugo Interviews William Gibson @ Motherboard.TV


Hugo recently spoke with William Gibson about his new novel Zero History, the impact of Neuromancer on the generation that pioneered cyberspace,and the fascination of denim. Chris King and Jennifer Cox animated audio from the interview where Gibson talks about his earliest memories of technology.
Read the interview and watch the animation HERE

September 21
SEED plays New Latino Filmmakers
@ Anthology Film Archives
Full program details HERE

August 13

Hugo writes: "I spent a lot of the summer editing short branded content docs for VBS.TV. Check out THE OREGON FIRELINES, part of a series created by Levi's and VBS.TV"
Watch the whole thing HERE

July 27
SEED @ 2010 NY Latino Film Festival
Hugo writes: "A fun time will be had by all."
For screening dates and times, go HERE

July 26
Screens at Squeaky Wheel in Buffalo
Hugo writes: "The New York Council for the Humanities and Buffalo's own Squeel Wheel Cinema bring Neither Memory Nor Magic to Buffalo, providing me with a reason to see Niagara Falls for the first time.

July 13
ITVS Beyond the Box Interviews SEED Director
Hugo writes: "My friends at ITVS thought I might have something clever to say about imagining the future. Instead I compare making a film to shutting an overpacked suitcase."
Click HERE for interview.

July 8
NEW WORKS/NEW VOICES: The Storytellers
Spotlights Writer/Director Hugo Perez
Hugo writes: "Time/Warner has put out a small book of portraits of up and coming writers, and seen fit to include me into the illustrious selection. You can download the whole book as a PDF and see what we all look like in black and white."
Download the full PDF HERE

April 5
Hugo Perez Goes on Tour
Hugo writes: "Calling all Programmers and Curators in New York State (expecially the Hudson Valley). I am going on Tour with my shorts program "Portrait of the Cuban-American Artist as a Young New York Filmmaker. And we are actively seeking venues and instititions to host evenings starting in late April. It's a highly interactive... program where I walk the audience through my life as a Latino filmmaker with some of the short films I have made. From Hemingway's Cuba to big butts in the Bronx, the near future world of SEED to a sneak peak at my work in progress Immaculate Conception, I'll take audiences on an eclectic journey through my quirky career."

March 8th World Premiere of SEED

Written and Directed by Hugo Perez
Produced by Katharyn Bond Márquez and Jason Tyrrell

Hugo Perez’ latest film SEED will launch as part of FutureStates, the Independent Television Services’ ground-breaking transmedia experiment that will bring you visions of life in a future America. ITVS worked with over 20 of today’s best emerging indie filmmakers to complete the 11 films that make up FUTURESTATES. In addition to award-winning director Hugo Perez, contributors include Ramin Bahrani, whose mini-feature entitled PLASTIC BAG is narrated by the legendary Werner Hertzog, Greg Pak ‘s MISTER GREEN and Tze Chun’s SILVER SLING. FUTURESTATES launches as a destination site on March 8th at:

Feb 20, 2010
Hugo Perez Goes on Tour
Hugo writes: "Calling all Programmers and Curators in New York State (expecially the Hudson Valley). I am going on Tour with my shorts program "Portrait of the Cuban-American Artist as a Young New York Filmmaker. And we are actively seeking venues and instititions to host evenings starting in late April. It's a highly interactive... program where I walk the audience through my life as a Latino filmmaker with some of the short films I have made. From Hemingway's Cuba to big butts in the Bronx, the near future world of SEED to a sneak peak at my work in progress Immaculate Conception, I'll take audiences on an eclectic journey through my quirky career."

Click through here for all the details:

February 10, 2010
Hugo Perez @ Yale in Hollywood Conference

Teaser Video Produced by M30A Films/Hugo Perez

Hugo is heading to L.A. for the Yale in Hollywood Entertainment Conference on March 12th and 13th. He’ll be moderating the panel: “Creating Change: The Art of Social Justice in Films. Who says a movie can’t change the world? Join these filmmakers as they discuss their movies that have made a political and social impact on our society and hear about the challenges and triumphs in making movies deemed controversial by some and life affirming by others.” On the panel are Bruce Cohen, Producer MILK, Lisa Cortés, Ex. Producer, Precious: Based on the novel "Push" by Saphire, and Ondi Timoner, Director/Producer, DIG! and We Live in Public. For more info visit:

November 4, 2009
ITVS has just posted JESSE'S DIARY, a short documentary companion piece to SUMMER SUN WINTER MOON which focuses on Jesse DesRosier, a 14 year old teenager on the Blackfeet Reservation. Jesse talks about about his life growing up on the reservation, going to a Blackfeet Language school, and shares some of his dreams and ambitions. The short doc is based on video diaries that Jesse himself shot. Jesse was a student of Darrell Kipp, one of the main subjects of SUMMER SUN WINTER MOON. For more information about the broadcast of SUMMER SUN WINTER MOON go to:

To further steep yourself in SUMMER SUN WINTER MOON lore, you can read Hugo Perez blog at ITVS telling the behind the scenes story of how the collaboration in the film began:

October 26, 2009
Across the Nation in November
A Co-Production between illume productions and ITVS, Hugo Perez documentary SUMMER SUN WINTER MOON will broadcast on PBS stations across the country in the month of November. Graced with cinematography by Sundance Award-Winner Gary Griffin, and edited by Academy Award Nominee Francisco Bello, the quirky tale shreds your cookie cutter textbook version of history with equal amounts of humor and serious introspection on the part of the main characters.

Blackfeet poet Darrell Robes Kipp, a man striving to save the Blackfeet language, unexpectedly joins the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commission to make sure that the American Indian side of history is told. Quirky classical composer Rob Kapilow travels west from Lincoln Center to find inspiration for a commissioned symphony about the Lewis and Clark expedition. When Rob meets Darrell and asks him to collaborate with him on words that will tell the Indian side of history through the new symphony, their “odd couple” collaboration creates a provocative piece of music that connects the Blackfeet seat of Browning, Montana to the rarefied air of symphony halls across the country.

Fore more information and airdates, go to:


A clip from the documentary:

August 30, 2009
SEED wraps Principal Photography;
M30A Films Turns Six
On the sixth anniversary of the founding of M30A Films, director Hugo Perez wrapped principal photography on the near future science fiction short SEED whose cast included Sebastian Villada (from Entre Nos) and Labyrinth Theatre Company members Yul Vasquez and Julian Acosta. Production took place in upstate New York with help from the Hudson Valley Film Commission. SEED is being produced as one of eleven short films that will be part of FutureStates, a narrative online series created by ITVS which will launch in Spring 2010. Everything is hush hush at the moment but expect more updates before the end of the year.


Photo of Sebastian Villada as "Juan" by Ellie Diez.

May 5, 2009
Emerging Narrative Award Honorable Mention
at the
2009 Tribeca Film Institute Awards Ceremony
On a glamorous red-carpet evening at the Tribeca Film Festival, Hugo Perez feature screenplay IMMACULATE CONCEPTION received honorable mention in the Emerging Narrative category from a jury which included Lance Reddick, Luis Guzman, and others.

March 22, 2009
Writer/Director Hugo Perez Selected for
2009 Tribeca All Access Program with


Director Hugo Perez has been selected to participate in the prestigious Tribeca All Access program at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival with his feature screenplay IMMACULATE CONCEPTION as one of ten narrative projects.

March 15, 2009
NALIP names Hugo Perez Recipient of the
2009 Estela Award for Documentary Filmmaking


Director Hugo Perez to be presented with the 2009 Estela Award for Documentary Filmmaking at the NALIP 10th Anniversary National Conference. Previous recipients of the Estela Award include Rodrigo Garcia, Natalia Almada, and Marilyn Agrelo. The McDonald's Corporation is the sponsor of the award, and Hugo's words to them are: "I'm lovin' it!" MORE DETAILS

March 1, 2009

NELSON ALGREN LIVE @ the Steppenwolf Theatre
Hugo Perez Directs Film Production

The Seven Stories Institute in partnership with Steppenwolf Theatre Company is pleased to announce a one-night only celebration of Chicago’s Nelson Algren on the centenary of his birth. “Nelson Algren Live: The 100th Birthday Celebration” will feature dramatic readings of previously unpublished Algren stories by novelists Russell Banks, Barry Gifford and Don Delillo, Willem Dafoe, Steppenwolf’s Martha Lavey, and Algren’s last editor Dan Simon. Director Hugo Perez and M30A Films will film the production. MORE DETAILS

February 1, 2008
@ 2009 MoMA Documentary Fortnight
Screening Date: February 22nd at 6pm


It is my pleasure to start off the year with the New York City Premiere of my documentary NEITHER MEMORY NOR MAGIC at the 2009 MoMA Documentary Fortnight. Picasso, Dali, and Hugo Perez will all be in the house on the evening of Sunday, February 2nd at 6:00pm in MoMA’s Titus 1 Theatre. You are all invited to purchase tickets and help me fill the 450 seats in the theatre. If you’ve seen the film, see it again and bring your friends.

On a more serious note, 2009 marks the Centennial of my film’s subject Miklos Radnoti. As part of my Q and A after the screening, I will be joined by some special guests in reading a few of Radnoti’s poems to commemorate the Centennial. I can guarantee it will be a special evening you won’t want to miss.

January 25, 2009
@ 2009 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
If you happen to be in Montana on Valentine's Day you should come out for Big Sky's screening of SUMMER SUN WINTER MOON on the biggest screen in Montana on February 14th. For more information go to:

October 15, 2008
Introducing the new Chivas Man... Hugo Perez

Photo Credit: Chuck Moss

A note from Hugo: "I have always been partial to Chivas Regal, and so it is with some pleasure that I can tell you that I'll be featured as a success story in the Chivas Regal 18 'Spirit of Success' advertising campaign in November and December. In this month's issue of Hispanic Magazine, you'll be able to read a full page 'advertorial' in which I reveal the 3 Keys to my success (and yes, following the samurai code is one of them). I've also been told that I will be featured on an Univision television spot tied to the campaign. Stay tuned for more info on that. On the off chance you don't immediately rush out to pick up a copy of Hispanic Magazine, I have posted a PDF version of the advertorial here for download."

September 15, 2008
Two New Trailers from
PageTurner Films
In the midst of a very hectic summer, PageTurner films produced two new trailers for recent books from Tor/Forge: bestselling writer F. Paul Wilson's JACK: SECRET HISTORIES and Isamu Fukui's TRUANCY. Click through to our PageTurner Films page if you would like to view them.

September 14, 2008
WHY ADAMA @ 2008 Independent Film Week


"At the age of 16, Adama Bah was arrested by the FBI and accused of being a “potential suicide bomber.” After intense public protest and media scrutiny, she was released without charges. Now the government wants to deport her…"

M30A is pleased to announce that Hugo Perez will be attending the 2008 Independent Film Week (formerly IFP Market) as Executive Producer on WHY ADAMA, an intimate and poignant account of the devastating impact the war on terror had on one girl's family and life. Producer Su Kim and Hugo will be meeting with industry throughout the week as part of the Spotlight on Documentaries section. Read more about this powerful and timely project here.

September 5, 2008
NYC Screenings in September
Summer is fast coming to a close. (Has it come and gone already!) We are pleased to announce that in September two M30A productions will be screening in New York City.

On September 28th at 8pm, the Bowery Poetry Club will host a sneak preview screening of
NEITHER MEMORY NOR MAGIC as a benefit for Bowery Arts and Science. We are very pleased to collaborate with one of the leading poetry venues in the country to bring you this screening. For more details, go here.

On September 18th, Hugo Perez rarely screened short documentary THE ECSTASY, about a religious pilgrim satisfying a promise to San Lazaro, will screen as the opening act for Pablo A. Medina's EL PLAY, an intimate look at a young Dominican ballplayer who aspires to being signed by the major leagues.

DETAILS for EL PLAY screening:
The New School University

Thursday, September 18
7 pm, Swayduck Auditorium
65 5th Ave (btw 13th & 14th St)

August 22, 2008
@ 2008 NALIP Latino Producer's Academy


Immaculate Conception was one of four feature narrative projects selected for the Director's Fellow track at the 2008 NALIP Latino Producer's Academy. Over the last ten days, Hugo workshopped his screenplay and was provided with SAG talent, union crews, locations, and equipment to direct two scenes from his feature. Longtime M30A collaborator Ana Asensio was on hand to play the lead role, and rising talent Felix Pire came in from L.A. to act opposite her. M30A and Hugo Perez tip their hats to NALIP for this great opportunity! The end result of the workshop will be available for viewing online shortly.

August 3, 2008
@ 2008 Sundance Producer's Conference
Hugo writes, "Just returned from the beautiful Sundance Lodge where I participated in the 2008 Sundance Producer's Conference with my screenplay Immaculate Concepion as one of 60 participants selected for the program. What a great event! Great panels. Lots of networking opportunities. And an evening of Karaoke I will not soon forget."

July 12, 2008
Sneak Preview:
on Blackfeet Nation Reservation


Hugo writes, "Today we joined with our subject Darrell Robes Kipp to invite members of the Blackfeet Tribe to a Sneak Preview of Summer Sun Winter Moon at the Piegan Institute in Browning, Montana on the Blackfeet reservation. We screened in the afternoon, right after the North American Indian Days parade to an enthusiastic full house. We'd like to thank the Blackfeet community for inviting us in and being so generous over the course of our production. We highly recommend visiting the Blackfeet Nation and the neighboring Glacier National Park whose vistas made us wonder why we would ever want to come back to the concrete valleys of NewYork."

April 30,2008
Writer Director Hugo Perez is the Recipient of a
2008 Emerging Artist Award
In an awards presentation hosted by Alan Berliner at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 29th, the Tribeca Film Institute/RENEW Media announced the recipients of the prestigious Media Awards Fellowships for 2008 funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.  The awards recognize the artistic excellence of 22 film, video, and new media artists in the United States.  New York based filmmaker and writer Hugo Perez was the recipient of a 2008 Emerging Artist Fellowship in support of IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, a feature screenplay he is currently developing as his narrative feature directorial debut.  Since its inception in 1988, RENEW Media has given Media Arts Fellowships to film and video artists whose ranks include Bruce Connor, Miranda July, Jem Cohen, Jonathan Caouette, Kenneth Anger, Guillermo Arriaga, Chris Eyre, Jonas Mekas, Ross McElwee, Charles Burnett, and over 300 others.

For more info about the Media Arts Fellows program go to:

April 4, 2008
World Premiere @ 2008 Full Frame Documentary Festival


M30A Films is proud to announce that Hugo Perez' directorial feature documentary debut NEITHER MEMORY NOR MAGIC has been invited to World Premiere at the prestigious Full Frame Documentary Festival in Durham, North Carolina on April 4, 2008. By screening at Full Frame, NEITHER MEMORY NOR MAGIC joins the ranks of some of the most celebrated and successful documentaries of the documentary boom of the last decade. For more details visit the Full Frame Documentary Festival site here.

April 1, 2008
CINEDULCE spotlights Hugo Perez
Last year the New York International Latino Film Festival launched to spotlight some of the best contemporary films and filmmakers. On April 1st, CineDulce will profile Hugo Perez in conversation with fellow filmmaker Victor Cruz as the debut episode in their series of conversations with Latino Filmmakers. Visit on April Fool's Day to see what Hugo has to say about the craft of filmmaking as well as Reagan fetishes.

March 15, 2008
PageTurner Films Launches
M30A Films and Director Hugo Perez are pleased to announce the creation of PageTurner Films, a division of M30A Films dedicated to producing high quality and entertaining promotional films and videos for the publishing industry in support of upcoming publications. What a movie trailer does for major motion pictures, our promotional films will do for your book. PageTurner Films launches in March 2008 with the premiere of its promotional film for THE ADORATION OF JENNA FOX by MARY E. PEARSON, a Spring 2008 Release from Henry Holt Books for Young Readers. The promotional film can be seen on the Henry Holt website at this link:
Read more about Pageturner Films here.

March 8, 2008
Sneak Preview @ 2008 Ashland Independent Film Festival

Darrell Robes Kipp in Montana

Following on the footsteps of two sold out screenings at the True False Film Festival, SUMMER SUN WINTER MOON has additional Sneak Preview screenings at the 2008 Ashland Independent Film Festival. The festival unspools from April 3-7, 2008. For more information visit the festival here.

March 1, 2008
IMMACULATE CONCEPTION @ 2008 Latino Media Market
Many of you have asked when director Hugo Perez would follow up his award-winning short comedies BETTY LA FLACA and JULIETA Y RAMON with a feature film. The answer is as soon as possible. His feature screenplay IMMACULATE CONCEPTION was invited to participate as one of only eight projects spotlighted in the Feature Development section of the 2008 Latino Media Market held in conjunction with the 2008 NALIP National Conference.

February 28, 2008
Sneak Preview @ Hungarian Cultural Center of New York
Last night the Hungarian Cultural Center of New York hosted a standing room only screening of NEITHER MEMORY NOR MAGIC at their SoHo gallery space. It was the first time the film had screened for an audience with a high concentration of Hungarians, and the Q and A led to a lively discussion of the film and its subject Miklos Radnoti. Photographer Gabriella Gyorffy has posted her photos of the evening here.

February 25, 2008
Sneak Preview @
2008 True/False Film Festival
In the last five years, the True False Film Festival in Columbia, MO has earned a reputation as the "Telluride of documentary film festivals" as well as one of the most filmmaker friendly festivals on the circuit. As part of a program that featured the best from Sundance and SXSW this year, SUMMER SUN WINTER MOON sneak previewed a Work-In-Progress cut to two sold out houses. The Columbia Daily Tribune devoted the entire front page of their Sunday Arts section to a feature article about the film. You can read that here.

October 10, 2007
Sneak Preview @
2007 Woodstock Film Festival


Patricia Clarkson and Hugo Perez prior to the Woodstock screening of Neither Memory Nor Magic.

Over the years, the Woodstock Film Festival has been a great supporter of our films and we were particularly pleased to participate in the 2008 edition with the Sneak Preview of NEITHER MEMORY NOR MAGIC. To make things even better, the lovely Patricia Clarkson who graced the film with her narration was on hand in Woodstock as a guest of honor and was able to introduce the screening. (A big thank you goes out to Patricia Clarkson for all of her generous support!) For more info. about the 2007 Woodstock Film Festival (and more photos) go to their website here.

September 14, 2007
For a second year in a row filmmaker Hugo Perez has participated in the IFP Market with a documentary work-in-progress. At this time it can also be officially revealed that from a pool of 600 Open Call submissions, SUMMER SUN WINTER MOON has been selected as one of 6 projects that it will be funded for completion. Keep checking back for further updates about PBS airdates.

M30A Celebrates 5th Anniversary

August 12, 2007


M30A Films celebrates it’s 5
th anniversary this August with broadcasts of two of its most popular productions.

For those of you who missed Julieta y Ramon’s broadcast premiere on Showtime, you will have a second chance to see it as part of the PBS curated independent film series Reel New York, on August 23
rd at 10pm on PBS flagship station WNET/Channel 13. In cities outside of New York, check your cable provider listings. Starting next week, you will also be able to see Julieta y Ramon in its entirety online as part of an online competition where you get the chance to vote for the Reel New York Audience Award. For more information and (starting nect week) to vote for Julieta y Ramon, visit:


Julieta y Ramon is also currently playing online on the Latino film web portal:

August also brings you the return of Betty la Flaca on the HBO family of channels with screenings on Cinemax and HBO/Latino in August and September. Here are the currently listed showtimes:
8/13 9:45 PM - WMAX - EAST
8/27 4:20 PM - WMAX - EAST
9/11 12:20 AM - HBO LATINO
9/20 9:15 AM - HBO LATINO
9/24 8:45 PM - HBO LATINO


Further good news to share is the selection of my documentary Summer Sun Winter Moon to participate in the 2007 IFP Market in September. More details will follow in September, but if you’ll be participating in this year’s market drop me a line so that I can invite you to our work-in-progress screening.

caption: Darrell Robes Kipp, Blackfeet Indian Writer, and subject of Summer Sun Winter Moon

In my next update, I’ll have some further good news to share about Summer Sun Winter Moon as well Neither Memory Nor Magic, my documentary on the Hungarian poet Miklos Radnoti.

Stay tuned for further updates.




July 12, 2007
Celebriosity.TV Launches with Harry Potter Shocker!

Shocker copy

Hello Friends,

In collaboration with my co-Founder Kevin Keaveney and our colleague  
Art Drossindreck III, Esq., we have launched a new series of  
entertainment news segments under the CelebriosityTV banner which  
will plumb the depths of contemporary celebrity culture to bring you  
exclusive reports unavailable anywhere else.  You might think you are  
used to celebrity news, but as our colleague Art often says, "You  
ain't seen nothing yet."

Feel free to pass the good word to your friends, co-workers,  
acquaintances, and yes, even your enemies.

HARRY POTTER SHOCKER, our first 3 minute segment, chronicles the  
vicious cycle of butter beer addiction and scandal into which the  
former boy wizard has fallen.  Harry's excesses are revealed in lurid  
detail through exclusive video and photographs.

You can view the first Celebriosity segment here:

And don't forget to give us your rating!

Visit our temporary Celebriosity.TV website for Libra Libre's  
exclusive monthly horoscopes and to sign up for our newsletter:

Next month look for "Hollywood Gets Jiggy" our expose on Hollywood's efforts to be more inclusive of minorities.

Remember: Celebrity + Curiosity = Celebriosity

yours truly,

Hugo Perez
Co-Founder, CelebriosityTV

May 10, 2007
Julieta y Ramon selected for 12th Season of Reel New York on PBS
Following a successful run on Showtime, the short film comedy Julieta y Ramon has been selected by the programmers of Reel New York to air this summer as part of their celebrated series which spotlights the work of leading independent filmmakers based in New York or whose work explores New York in some way. For more information about Julieta y Ramon click HERE

May 1, 2007
Betty la Flaca - Encore screenings on HBO this Month
Many of you have asked me how you can see Betty la Flaca. This month my answer is tune in to HBO-Latino for an encore run of the film. Here are the showtimes pulled from the HBO schedule. So program your TIVOs and make yourself a recording you can play over and over.

Schedule Airdates in May:
5/11 9:45 PM HBO LATINO
5/13 9:15 AM HBO LATINO
5/19 6:15 PM HBO LATINO
5/22 6:45 PM HBO LATINO
6/1 4:55 AM HBO LATINO
All times are ET/PT.

April 17, 2007
Hugo Perez covers Full Frame Documentary Festival for indiewire
Read all about this years line-up of stellar documentaries at the Full Frame Docmmentary Festival in Hugo's coverage for indiewire. Click HERE